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-- Our friend Maggie Wey of Brayhill Racing Siberians in Phillips, ME has puppies available --

Kazlo's Polar Express x NorthWapiti's Flare

6 Males, 1 Female Born August 31st -  EMAIL Maggie for more information and pictures. Please be sure to tell us about yourself.  Parents have racing experience and nice conformation for sled dogs.  Mother is a team leader. 

SIRE: Kazloís Polar Express


Kelimís Super Dodge SD, CGC


NorthWapitiís Super Grover

Meomarís Blunder

Meomarís Independence

Meomarís Cat Ballou

NorthWapitiís Ginger Grant

Bis/Biss Can. Ch. Chuchinkaís Shawn Boy

Meomarís Miss Liberty

Tsugaís Hollywood Of Kelim SD

Alkasíiberís Wyatt Riot

Ch. Alkasíiberís Al X Canaan, SDX

Alkasíiberís Jacqui Patu SD

Alkasíiberís Yellow Birch

Nekanesuís Pete, SDX

Blackwater Alkasíiber Amadour SD

NorthWapitiís Whinny at Nanook


Tumnatkiís Bosun NorthWapiti

Meomarís Faux Pas

Meomarís Independence

Meomarís Cat Ballou

Spindriftís Shulaces

Northomeís Sayak at Spindrift

Spindriftís Buttons

Chuchinkaís San Antonio Rose

Chuchinkaís Austin

Bis/Biss Can Ch. Chuchinkaís Shawn Boy

Alaskanís Tonsina Of Anadyr

Chuchinkaís Restless Wind

Can. Ch. Chuchinkaís Sheen Jek SD

Chelyuskinís Mila, SD

NorthWapitís Flare at Kazlo

NorthWapitiís Draco

NorthWapitiís Butch Cassidy

CH The Professor Of NorthWapiti SDU/CD

Bis/Biss Can Ch. Chuchinkaís Shawn Boy

Meomarís Miss Liberty

Meomarís Sunshine Coast Orca

Meomarís Ojibawa

Meomarís Guildenstern

NorthWapitiís S.S. Minnow, SDX ,TT

Bis/Biss Can Ch. Chuchinkaís Shawn Boy

CH/BIS/BISS Shisaidoís Satinkist Swordsman

Chelyuskinís Mila, SD

Meomarís Miss Liberty

Northomeís Sayak at Spindrift

Meomarís Quick Lynx

NorthWapitís Hilda

Alaskanís Raven Of Anadyr

Alaskanís Blackjack Of Anadyr

Alaskanís Baridia Of Anadyr

Alaskanís Rebel of Anadyr

Alaskanís Ningo Of Anadyr II

Shjegge Mannís Moose

Alaskanís Fluff Of Anadyr

Alaskanís Baleen Of Anadyr

Alaskanís Tartar Of Anadyr

Rixís Stormy OĒ Buckhorn

Alaskanís Chevak Of Anadyr

Alaskanís Yakut Of Anadyr II

Yeso Pacís Satan

Yeso Pacís Carolyn



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